Foulkeways Retirement Cottages

Project Description:

A detailed site analysis was conducted to determine the best location to construct thirty-two cottages on the campus of Foulkeways, a Quaker-affiliated retirement community located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.  Although dispersing the new independent living style housing throughout the campus was initially considered, the best solution resulted in concentrating the housing in one area.  This approach saved existing mature trees, simplified stormwater management, and reinforced the identity of the new housing.  The plan incorporated an extensive tree replacement component required by the Township, and the plans were approved by the Township within a three month time period.  Services included site evaluation, overall site layout, preliminary grading design, and finally detailed landscape planting and construction plans.  We worked closely with the project architect and owner in siting the units to maximize privacy, develop consistent streetscapes, and fully integrate the housing into the existing campus


Client: Foulkeways at Gwynedd

Architect: Toby A. Hoffman, Architect

Consulting Architect: Lynn Taylor Associates, Architects

Location: Lower Gwynedd Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Completion: Summer 2005

Products: Feasibility Study, Preliminary Site Layout and Grading Plans, Landscape Construction Plans