lightfoot house

Project Description:

Fashioned after the Lightfoot House of Colonial Williamsburg, this new home was sited deep within a large rural lot to help provide a sense of privacy and transition space from the street, as well as to allow room for the client’s equestrian interests. The formal layout of the house rendered a more formal garden design, with a parterre at the back of the house as a focal point. Punctuating this focal point is a large fountain, set in a garden pool which is capable of supporting fish. Brick paving and curbing accentuated by Pennsylvania Bluestone helps recreate a time-worn, old-world feel. Both the wood and iron fence designs are custom, including a metal arbor covered in European Hornbeam vegetation. This arbor provides a more intimate sense of scale within the large, rigid garden; it directs attention towards a small pavilion, and simultaneously screens a large generator from the rest of the garden space. Deliberate in its simplicity, the plantings also include large boxwoods, hollies, and sycamores.

Project Team:

  • Architect: Lynn Taylor Associates, Architects
  • General Contractor: Jarrett Vaughan Builders
  • Fountain Contractor: Sundance Custom Pools
  • Large Tree Installation Contractor: Trees In Travel