comfort road residence

Project Description:

The plan accommodates the construction of a significant addition to an existing house, with minimal disturbance to the site which includes a variety of sensitive natural resources. The front of the house included numerous large trees. A rustic snake fence, along with drifts of shade-tolerant shrubs, were used to define the space and create additional privacy. The main terrace was enlarged to connect the new rear entrance to an existing pool, while a small, more private sitting area was developed adjacent to the master bedroom. A tall stone wall enclosing a secret garden space provides total privacy from the adjacent shared driveway. Aquatic and marginal planting enhances the year-round appeal of the pond area, as well as improves water quality.


Project Team:

  • Project Architect: Lynn Taylor Associates
  • General Contractor: Jarrett Vaughn Builders
  • Landscape Contractors: Classic Gardens
  • Aquatic Plants and Pond Management: Aquascapes Unlimited