Willow Grove CemetEry

Project Description:

Connolly and Hickey Historical Architects was hired by the City of New Brunswick to prepare a Historic Preservation Plan for Willow Grove Cemetery. The purpose of the plan was to adapt the historical Willow Grove Cemetery as an accessible urban park within the city. The plan addresses any conditions that might threaten the historical integrity of the landscape and grave markers, and also provides a broad picture of conditions and recommendations that will ensure its long-term
preservation as an historic open space within this city.

John Morgan Thomas Landscape Architects was brought on by Connelly and Hickey Historical Architects to analyze the existing conditions of the landscape and its elements including its pathways and vegetation, and to develop a Master Plan that best utilized the cemetery as a green space for passive recreation.


Client: Connolly & Hickey Historical Architects, LLC, City of New Brunswick

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Completion: 2011

Products: Site Master Plan